Tallahassee is my Home.


That's why I stayed here, built Gaines Street Pies here and started my family here. I love this town--

But our political system is letting us down.

We need a City Hall that works for all sides of our city. I’m running for City Commission because local government isn’t about climbing a political ladder or being guided by special interests. It’s about people who live here, who care about our city, stepping up to do what’s best for our community.  As a local business owner, that’s what I’ve done my entire career.

I believe when we work together, we can build a better city. We can have honest conversations about who we are and how we want to grow. I'm asking for your vote on August 28th.  Let's build a Tallahassee we can all be proud of.

So, Where do we start?

  • Investing in underserved areas to bring development, opportunity, job and business training to all corners of our city;
  • Reform in city policy so no small business dream dies in permitting;
  • Clean & honest campaign finance by accepting contributions only from individuals and not political committees and other interests ; and
  • Policies that put working and middle-class families first.

    We can have an open and honest city government. We can have an inclusive city that provides equal opportunity, no matter your ZIP code or school district. We can change the way City Hall operates to reflect our priorities.