Jeremy is running for City Commission to help build a Tallahassee that works for all of us.

For too long, City Hall has been dominated by insiders who look after establishment interests and wealthy campaign donors - but not the rest of us. The results have been unequal representation, economic segregation, and a city hall plagued by dysfunction that has made national news. 

Jeremy knows we can do better, led by everyday working people joining together to make our voices heard.

As a lifelong resident of Tallahassee raised in the city's South Side, Jeremy knows first hand the struggle of families grappling with poverty and neighborhoods void of opportunity;

As a small business owner, Jeremy understands the obstacles that prevent new entreprenuers from getting a fair shot;

As a concerned citizen, Jeremy has seen how cozy relationships between lobbyists and elected officials lead to bad public policy;

And as a husband and father, Jeremy believes if we truly want a better life for our children, we'll leave a better city for future generations.

That's why he's fighting for 

  • Investment in underserved areas to bring development, opportunity, job and business training to all corners of our city;
  • Reform in city policy so no small business dream dies in permitting;
  • Clean & honest campaign finance by accepting contributions only from individuals and not political committees and other interests ; and
  • Policies that put working and middle-class families first.

    We can have an open and honest city government. We can have an inclusive city that provides equal opportunity, no matter your ZIP code or school district. We can change the way City Hall operates to reflect our priorities.